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Client's Testimonial

Maggie and Hank worked together seamlessly like a choreographed dance. They were everywhere capturing every angle yet you never seemed to notice them. They are the best wedding photographer videographer in Dallas.

Meet Maggie and Hank

Is it really possible to find a couple that can spend time 24/7 with each other with no problem? They have to have the same job, same passions, same interests, the same taste in food and activities, and literally, they have to be real soulmates.

Here we are ....

We both love to express our feelings through art and creativity. We love making memories and living through them. We love traveling, meeting new people, and hanging out with them. We love to see people happy and be with them in those moments, and of course, we love to make money.

Being destination wedding photographers and videographers was always our dream because it combines everything we need in one sentence! :D

Maggie and Hank looking far away


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