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newborn hands under chin with tucked lips, so cute, with red background

Embracing New Life's Miracles:

Capturing the Innocence and Wonder of Newborns


Our friends and family cannot stop gushing over the photos, and we proudly display them in our home. We are incredibly grateful to Maggie and Hank for creating these timeless memories that we'll cherish forever.

They made us feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire process. As first-time parents, we had a lot of questions, and Maggie patiently answered each one with a smile, putting all our worries to rest.

they not only exhibited immense talent and creativity but also showed a genuine passion for capturing the beauty and essence of this special chapter in my life.

The final photos are beyond our wildest dreams! Each image captures the essence of our baby's early days with such tenderness and love.


You have exclusive access to our diverse wardrobe, allowing you to handpick Your desired outfit from our extensive collection.

Cherished Lifestyle

A 1-hour immersive experience in the comfort of your home, capturing your newborn's world as it unfolds. We will document the most heartfelt interactions and everyday moments, creating authentic and beautiful images that reflect your family's love and connection. you'll receive up to 20 fully edited digital photos, preserving the unique story of your family's journey right in the heart of your home.

Investment: $450

Enchanting Memories

Embark on a 3-hour journey to capture the innocence and beauty of your newborn baby in our studio session. The session price is $350 and includes setup in our studio.

After the session, within 1-3 days, you'll receive digital photo proofs to select your favorites. Each selected photo goes through editing and retouching, priced at $35 per photo($50 for twin newborns)

newborn holding mom's finger

Contact us to book your Newborn photography experience and let us create timeless memories that reflect the unique story of your journey.

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